High voltage switchgear

Introduction of Products

High voltage switchgear

(ECO-High Voltage Switchgear)

- Our high-voltage switchgear is manufactured by domestic standard (KEMC2101) and focuses on reliability
by Type Test. We are continuously developing R & D for safe, economical, disassembly, assembly and maintenance We are doing.


A. Enclosure

1. Bolt assembled structure using steel plate bending type frame and parts standardized as vertical closed type
2. Door is standard with 1-level door and 2-level door.
3. The side plates are bolt assembled for expansion, and the bolt head does not protrude so that the appearance is beautiful.
4. Fasten the lifting hook to the ceiling plate with Eye Bolt type nut

B. Partition

1. It is the structure that the breaker room, the bus room, the control room, and the cable room are completely separated from each other by metal barriers so as to minimize the spread of the room to other rooms.
2. It is isolated from the bus bar when the circuit breaker is pulled out by installing a safety shutter.
3. A safety cover is installed on the rear side of the compartment to prevent the human body from approaching the live part.

C. Mothership

1. The busbars are designed and manufactured with the proper capacity to the specified rated current.
2. Designed and manufactured busbars and insulation supports to withstand the electromagnetic and thermal stresses caused by short-circuiting accidents.
3. By order, bus bar is treated with insulation and flame retardant insulation tube or epoxy powder coating.