Performance Certified Products

Certified Products

Performance Certified Products

- Busbar connection with optical communication-based deterioration and arc monitoring diagnosis

Deterioration monitoring

It monitors the deterioration of the bus bar connection in the switchboard and informs the user of an alarm in case of an abnormality.

Optical communication interface

Optical communication interface between monitoring device and temperature sensor module does not cause malfunction due to no signal distortion due to harmonics inside the switchboard.


Excellent data operation and reliability

Signal distortion was caused by the noise of the corona and line inside the transmission and distribution panel using RS-485 or RS-282 communication line of various measurement and
relay inside the existing switchboard.
However, this technology adopts optical communication interface, No malfunction occurs and data and operation reliability are excellent

Percentage of accident caused by deterioration of connection and distribution panel and connection failure and overheating

Accidents that occurred in extreme high/high pressure and low pressure electrical installations

increased 300% within 15 years

The amount of property damage caused by electricity fires

increased by 67% in just three years from 2009 to 2011