MAS Products

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MAS Products

- Multiple supplier contract with Public Procurement Service

MAS Overview

Select company products

If a company meets certain criteria, it concludes a 'third party unit price' for each item through negotiation. → It is listed in 'Mall market contract product mall' → It is freely preferred by the demand agency like a private shopping mall A system that selects and uses products from a company

Enhance choice of demanding organizations

The existing one-person winning bidder selection method is that the problem of lack of diversity and quality deterioration continuously selects more suppliers than the intellectual schedule standard, induces good price, quality competition (product certification) institution

MAS designation number
Motor control panel
Distribution board

MAS Phase 2 Contract

hase Applicable Small and Medium-sized Business Goods (Switchboard): Over 100 million won
5 or more companies are required to submit proposals for additional proposals. - Two companies are added. Automatic selection of demand organizations is limited to 5 persons or less.
  Selection criteria of the target company to be delivered Comprehensive evaluation method (basic + optional), standard evaluation method
Technology Priority - Evaluation to induce quality competition is desirable