Detachable Assembly Distribution Panelboard

Introduction of Products

ECO Kit(Detachable Assembly Distribution Panelboard)

① Detachable Assembly Distribution Panelboard ② Easy to assembly & replacement ③ Reduce Manufacturing lead time ④ Recyclable ⑤ Reduce Production Cost ⑥ High Safety

Easy to modify of Distribution Panelboard design due to change of power demand

Easy to Manufacturing Distribution Panelboard
Cost Benefit
- Reduce Manufacturing lead time
- Reduce installation space
- Simple process of manufacturing (Unskilled work)
Excellent quality of assembly by standardized product

Minimize a busbar exposure by using an insulated
modular case for prevent safety accident
Minimize a fire accident by using a fire retardant material
Hot-line work possible
Possible to quickly and flexibly change or extend circuit breaker
Possible to reuse